In a recent article that looks at beauty trends that they think should fade in 2015, Cosmopolitan Magazine used black women as their models, and then used white models for trends that they consider should be embraced.

The article has since being receiving lots of criticism citing that it is considered racist.

See pictures below and some of the reviews they got:

“Coincidence that all the “wrong” looks are on black woman/WOC?“

“Rare to see women of colour in a mainstream magazine. And when you do it’s to tell us we’re ugly.“

However in a bid to clear such rumors the Editor shared a note that reads:

“This article focuses on beauty trends with images that represent those trends. Some images have been taken out of context, and we apologize for any offense. Celebrating all women is our mission, and we will continue to work hard to do that.”

So what do you think, Racist or Coincidence?

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