Shakira’s Suspected Stalker Arrested Outside Miami Mansion, Claims Delusional Connection

Man Arrested for Stalking and Refusing Court Order, Allegedly Believing He Is Married to Shakira
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Colombian singer Shakira faced a disturbing incident as her suspected stalker, Daniel John Valtier, 56, was arrested outside her £12 million Miami mansion. Valtier, who allegedly sent gifts to Shakira and claimed she is his wife, was charged with stalking and refusing to comply with a court order to stay away from the singer.

Valtier, deemed “delusional” by the judge, insisted on his relationship with Shakira, stating, “She’s my wife. I speak to her all the time.” The judge refuted this claim and expressed concerns about Valtier’s mental state.

Daniel Valtier

The suspected stalker reportedly sent wine, chocolate, and toys to Shakira and posted private details about her online. He was also accused of hiring a taxi and failing to pay the fare. Valtier had previously shared plans online about marrying Shakira, opening a business with her, and engaging in various ventures together.

Shakira’s security team had reportedly warned Valtier to stop sending unwanted gifts. The incident follows the singer’s legal challenges, including a £7 million fine over tax fraud allegations. Shakira reached a last-minute deal to avoid jail time earlier, and she continues to face a separate tax probe in Spain.

Despite the legal battles, Shakira had a successful end to 2023, winning three awards at the Latin Grammy’s. The recent incident adds to the challenges the singer has faced in the past year.

January 11, 2024

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