Kanye West Faces Lawsuit for Alleged Assault and Battery on Autograph Seeker

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Kanye West is now the subject of a lawsuit over allegations of assault and battery stemming from an incident in 2022. According to court documents, the man filing the lawsuit asserts that West struck him in downtown Los Angeles, with the altercation captured on video.

The footage, lasting 31 seconds, depicts the autograph seeker lying on the pavement while West engages in a heated exchange. The man alleges that West shouted, “I’m going to make a fucking example of you,” and made references to Kim Kardashian months before their divorce was finalized.

The plaintiff claims he requested an apology from West, but the response was dismissive. West allegedly struck him again repeatedly, causing severe injuries. During the altercation, West reportedly ignored pleas from a member of his entourage to stop.

The lawsuit seeks damages for assault and battery, citing emotional suffering caused by the incident. The alleged victim, who initially declined medical care at the scene, later sought treatment at an urgent care facility. LAPD is said to have investigated the matter.

In a separate claim, the man’s wife is suing West for a loss of consortium, asserting that her husband lost companionship due to the altercation in 2022.

January 11, 2024

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