4 Iconic Bags Named After Fashionable Celebrities

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Lady Dior: Princess Diana

Diana received this bag as a gift in 1995, initially called ‘Chouchou.’ She later got a navy blue version, and it was eventually named after her.

Gucci Jackie: Jackie Kennedy

Originally known as ‘Fifties Constance’ in 1961, this bag from Gucci got its name change when Jackie Kennedy embraced it in the 70s.

Gucci Diana: Princess Diana

Once named ‘Gucci Bamboo Handle Tote,’ Diana popularized this bag in the 90s. Gucci brought it back from their archives almost two decades later, renaming it after her.

Hermès Kelly: Grace Kelly

Introduced as ‘Sac à Dépêches’ in the 1930s, this bag gained fame and was renamed after Grace Kelly, who was famously photographed hiding her pregnancy with it.

January 12, 2024

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