Depression is a common psychological disorder which could impact daily functioning immensely. It has mental, emotional and physical symptoms.

Depression is characterised by this feeling of hopelessness, worthlessness or helplessness. Constant sadness is also a major sign of depression but this does not necessarily mean that one is depressed every time he/she feels sad. Sadness as a symptom of depression is when a person can’t seem to break out of that feeling a lot.

There is also loss of interest in most activities, concentration problems and suicidal thoughts. Though suicidal thoughts are not necessarily diagnosis for depression, they can be a symptom.

The physical symptoms could include changes in sleeping pattern, changes in eating pattern (over-eating or loss of appetite), sluggishness and fatigue.

The geographical location of a person as well as seasonal/climate change can influence depression. You may feel happy, free and cheerful during the summer then feel a cloud of sadness during the cold and rainy season. This type of depression is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

However, depression is a disorder with different types and approaches to it so it is advisable to pay more attention to our mental health, expand our knowledge on depression and seek medical attention when one is experiencing any of these symptoms.

-Faith Ademola-Law




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