5 Remedies for Chapped Lips -Faith Ademola-Law’


Chapped Lips, also known as Dry Lips, can be caused by dry weather, excessive licking, malnutrition and some medications and supplements like Vitamin A, lithium and chemotherapy drugs.
Some remedies:
1. For chapped and sore lips, slice up a cucumber into thin pieces and leave them over lips for five minutes. It helps rehydrates your lips and feels fantastic.
2. Avoid licking your lips. We lick our dry lips to add some moisture, but it actually dries them out even more. Saliva contains acids that break down food so they irritate your lips. Also, continuous licking will remove any natural oils you have on your lips.
3. Drink water. This cannot be over-emphasized as staying hydrated will help reduce dryness of the lips and of the skin.
4. Exfoliate your lips using a homemade paste by mixing sugar and honey (or brown sugar mixed with coconut oil). If you have sensitive lips, apply the paste using a soft toothbrush and brush back and forth. Leave the exfoliant for 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water.
5. Apply a lip-balm throughout the day.



-Faith Ademola-Law

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