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Isn’t it amazing how sneakers has become a whole new fashion trend? You can practically wear it on anything. Aside from the fact that they’re comfortable, sneakers are a whole new vibe.

There are various ways in which you can wear sneakers and we have a few ideas on how you can wear your sneakers and own it.

Sneakers on Ankara print Dress

Nothing speaks African and “trybe ” more than an Ankara print. You can style your sneakers on an Ankara print short dress. It speaks a blend of cultural heritage and a touch of culture

Not only can you rock it with an Ankara dress, you can choose to wear it with whatever style you’re comfortable with. All you have to do is own it!

Sneakers on Denim

This is the most popularly known way of styling sneakers. We are all familiar with the tight fitted jeans and a T-shirt combo. Guess what?! You can add a twist to it – Choose a short denim skirt instead of a pair of jeans. Leave your comfort zone, try something more daring.

Sneakers on a Maxi Skirt

There’s a certain level of confidence you get from rocking a sneakers. Now, keep that in mind and try wearing it with a Maxi skirt- freedom has never been more defined.

Sneakers and Maxi dress

The best part abo\nut wearing a maxi dress and sneakers is that it’s a “one style fits all kind of fashion”. Tall, short, thick or slim, a sneakers will go well on a Maxi dress – it’s fashion appropriate.

There are several ways you can style all your different looks with sneakers and be unapologetic about it. Just put on your fashion radar and let the muse flow.


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