Virtually every lady want to look extremely beautiful therefore they tend to see make up as an escape route for them.

We all know getting a makeup artist to work on your everyday look will be ridiculous so we decided to bring you some errors you should not make while doing your make up yourself.

  • Applying makeup on a dry skin is a capital NO for makeup. Ensure that your face is properly hydrated before you apply makeup.
  • Do not forget that using the right brush will enhance that good look you crave.
  • Avoid too much foundation for it will do your face no good and your make up will end up looking muddle.
  • Make sure your foundation is well blended on your face. Foundation that isn’t blended well can look quite comical
  • Never use too much concealer at once on the targeted area. Too much concealer on your dark circles will make you look older.
  • No eyebrow disaster. Please let them be neatly drawn and shaped.
  • Please and please do not use the wrong eyeliner.
  • A lipstick can make or break your look. Avoid weird lipstick colors.

We would want you to note that Makeup is much more than dabbing on a brush or eye shadow. To enhance your make up skills it is advisable for you to watch some makeup videos and tutorials online and also invest in a few good brushes to get started.








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