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Sweet Valentine’s Day Food Ideas

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It only means one thing when the date is 14th in the beautiful month of February- VALENTINE!

That time of the year is drawing towards us once again, and we have no doubts that you want to have the experience to REMEMBER!

Here is WHY you have us, curating lovely meals you can enjoy with your friend, le boo, or your family!

  1. Jollof Rice and Chicken

First on the list is the adorable Jollof Rice and Chicken. This meal never goes wrong at all. It is the perfect meal for every season. So why not Valentine?


2. Pepper Soup

Pepper soup, made from either fish, meat, chicken, or snail, is a very appealing meal. It’s that meal you want to have a hearty conversation over. Why don’t you try this with your boo this time around? Well, let us know if you would be doing so.

3. Pizza

This is a love meal you can share with your friends. Just imagine yourself and your clique sitting down around a large Pizza box, drawing one slice after the other. Yeah, that is it!!! We recommend Pizza for you.

4. Cake

The moist look of the cake is enough to spark up the atmosphere. Its taste is so endearing, everyone wants a bite and we don’t want to stop munching right?. It’s no lie everyone loves cakes.

Ps: Dear men, it’s the way to a lady’s heart.

5. Popcorn and Chapman

Movie night? Not a bad idea on Valentine’s day. Grab your popcorn and Chapman. Let’s do it! 

6. Ice cream

Do you like gelato or ice popsicle? Ice cream is ever yummy! Would you like to go on a walk with your loved one, holding hands or embracing each other on this day? Then a cup of either strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate might be best for you.

7. A Local Dish

I know you weren’t expecting this, but what is Val without one?  Quickly locate a restaurant before the d -day for something you. Here is a local dish from Nigeria, Pounded Yam and Egusi.

Photo by Divine Flavored Catering


8. Grilled steak or Suya

No way this amazing goodness shall escape the list. End your night with better grilled steak or suya. We will provide the red wine.

Photo by Gonzalo Guzman from Pexels


9. Fruits

A basket of fruits might just be thoughtful to your friends or parents at home too. They also deserve a treat. Remember, no one is too old for Valentine.

Photo by amoon ra on Unsplash

You can add yours to the list by commenting below. I hope you enjoyed reading.



February 9, 2022

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