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  That migraine, that eye bags and the fatigue on your face is basically due to the stress you put your body through all the time.

A beauty sleep, usually 7hours, would get rid of puffy eyes, dark circles and wrinkles which would leave you with a glowing and youthful skin.

It is not just about securing the bag, it is vital o give the body the rest it deserves.

According to, good and restorative night’s sleep is required for the protein synthesis of the hair + the release of enzymes and growth hormones that are necessary for overall hair health. The way that sleep affects your body’s natural hormones is probably the most important part of preventing hair loss. Your body produces a hormone called melatonin. This hormone helps your body regulate your sleep cycle, and it also has been shown to increase hair growth.


What is making money without looking beautiful?, what is over working without giving the body rest?



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