Tems Faced Online Backlash and Death Threats Over False Pregnancy Rumors with Future

Nigerian Singer Speaks Out Against Cyberbullying and Reflects on the Pressures of Fame
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Nigerian singer Tems recently disclosed that she faced online death threats after false rumors circulated about her being pregnant with Future’s child. Speaking on the Drive Time Show for The Beat 99.9 FM in Lagos, Tems expressed her disbelief that such baseless rumors could lead to severe cyberbullying.

“I didn’t actually think anybody believed it,” Tems stated during the interview. “I didn’t know it was serious, I didn’t know until I started getting messages, like death threats. Like, ‘How dare you! Of all the people in the world, Future? Really? Really, of all the people?’ And I’ve never even—I’ve never met him in my life. So, it’s crazy.”

The incident sheds light on the darker side of online culture, where unfounded rumors can quickly escalate into online harassment and threats. Tems’ experience emphasizes the need for responsible behavior and fact-checking in the age of social media, where misinformation can have severe real-world consequences.

In addition to addressing the false rumors, Tems discussed the pressures of living up to the expectations set by her previous successful releases. Admitting the difficulty of avoiding the pressure, she shared her journey of self-improvement and the challenges of evolving in the public eye.

“It’s hard to not feel pressure,” Tems revealed. “It’s like I’m in competition with my past self. And sometimes, I don’t know if I’m evolving. I’m learning a lot of things at once. I’ve realized I’m not that—I’m not the best at production. How can I be better? I’m trying to be better all the time. But I feel like I’ve also gotten to a point where I just don’t care anymore.”

December 14, 2023

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