La Mode AfriWoman Forum and Dinner

TENDER HEARTS ORGANISATION is An NGO dedicated to eradicate poverty and grow the economic and income base of indigent women and children. We actively contribute to realization of children to quality education and also ensure economic development and sustainable growth for women in the society. We are a strong believer in the concept of eliminating extreme poverty and we want to always touch lives everywhere we go.We celebrate auspicious days like International women’s day, children’s day and other remarkable days.

This year we are glad to be a part in the celebration of the international widow’s day.
The international widows day is celebrated globally on the 23rd but we are proposing a celebration on the 28th of June, we see it as a day to celebrate widows, develop resources and policy to empower widows and allow them to have access to education, work, health
care and lives free of violence and abuse, enabling them to create a life for themselves and their children following the death of their husband and ending a cycle of poverty and abuse.

We will be having a charity event that would be seminar series based, focused on entrepreneurship and small scale start ups, then end with distribution of some food items and gifts to show support and care.

It is going to be a day to remember as we are going to impact lives postively.


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