A superiority complex is an attitude which conceals actual feelings of inferiority and failure. It is psychological defence mechanism that covers up an inferiority complex. An individual with a superiority complex projects an exaggerated feeling of being better than other people. Some actually believe that it just conceals a person’s deep rooted feelings of inferiority and failure.

A person with this attitude puts on an air of exuberance and arrogance. He or she is characterizes by bragging, snobbery etc.

The best ways to handle someone with superiority complex are:

  • Observe them: Does this person act this way with everyone, or mostly you? If it is you, then look for things you do that encourages the outline your own point of weakness. What I mean is that you should think about what the person says that bothers you so much. This may help you change how you react to them and will help you to feel better.
  • Also, try to understand the cause of the person’s behaviour. As stated earlier, some people claim that a superiority complex is a reaction of a feeling of inferiority.
  • You also need to fight back, but do not pick a fight you will lose. Just go for sharp, short retorts that will make the person think hard.

Most of all, if all these attempts fail, you may need to end that relationship. If it’s your job, you can move to another position or get a job elsewhere. Just remember that your self-esteem is not a joke and nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.

– Faith Ademola-Law


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