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Most of the time I get testimonies of people who appear to have used yeast as a remedy for failing eyesight,or to improve vision. It has always got me wondering what the correlation is between the human eye and the yeast. As an eyecare practionner, I seldom subscribe to that line of thought except it has been proven scientifically. But after a carefully conducted research, I’ve come to that realization too. The yeast is very beneficial to the eye in a subtle “ double-edged sword” way. This means it nourishes the body which in turn nourishes the eye.


Yeast is a valuable,nutritional supplement(added as a support) that contains high levels of proteins,vitamins ,minerals and some antioxidants. It contains about 15 amino acids, which are important constituents of protein. Vitamins include Vit B complex–Vit B and Folic acid. Phosporus,Chromium,Iron,Zinc and Selenium are some of the minerals it contains. It also contains some strong antioxidants such as Lecithin,Lutein and Flavin.


The effect of the yeast on the body and eye stems from what its constituents compounds does in the body. A few are outlined below:

  • Amino acids: These are important constituents of proteinand helps the body repair and regrow its tissues. Therefore if an injury occurs,it helps its healing process,thereby reducing further damage to the tissue e.g corneal injuries.
  • Vit B12: This is vital for the replenishment of red blood cells which functions to carry oxygen to different parts of the body. This also strengthens the immune system. Yeast therefore helps to fight conditions such as allergies.
  • Chromium: This is a trace element that contains GTF( Glucose Tolerance Factor) which works with insulin to bring down high blood sugar levels. It also functions to reduce blood pressure levels. These in turn can prevent some severe eye disorders such as diabetic retinopathy.
  • Lutein,lecithin and flavin: These are carotenoids which are plant pigments that can absorb light. These protect the eye by filtering out harmful ultraviolet( UV) rays. These also prevent degeneration of the Macula ( the vision center of the eye) and cataract formation.

With these explanations, I hope you have been convinced on the vital nature of the yeast to yhe eye. Even if you still do not believe, please try not to discourage others who already see the good in it and its health benefits.

Although some people are sensitive and allergic to yeast, do well to consult your physician before consuming yeast, if you are allergic to it.


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