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One reason why people regret cutting their hair is because they are not aware of the maintenance. To ensure everything is clear between you and your stylist, consultations are a non-negotiable. Discussing the reason for cutting hair is the number-one question, and then figuring out the actual cut, length, and look.

Most stylists would agree that people who say they are looking for a hair change aren’t actually ready for it. A good consult will bring out exactly what to expect from a big cut.

How Will the Cut Change My Styling Routine?

You may be ritualistic when it comes to your hair and used to styling it a certain way,but a cut changes everything, and certainly requires a new routine. You want to know the best way to keep your style in place with shorter hair, so ,it’s important to know what kind of maintenance you’re setting yourself up for.

Will This Haircut Require a Significant Amount of Styling Time?

Speaking of styling, you should have an understanding of how long it will take before shedding the inches. This is an important question to ask if your lifestyle doesn’t allow you a lot of prep time each morning.Someone who rises only an hour before they leave the house would not want a cut that requires a lot of attention to detail.

How Often Will I Need to Cut My Hair?

It’s important to determine—realistically—how often you’ll be able to make a trip to the salon. This all depends on how much you like the length when you first get it cut. If you don’t, you won’t need to keep up with the cut. But if you do, getting into the routine of cutting your hair every two to three months is a good start.

How Will This Cut Affect My Color?

If you’re attached to your hair color, schedule a dye job soon after your’s also a great way to try out new colors to compliment the look you have chosen.

What Products Are Required to Maintain This Look?

The average person’s bathroom isn’t stocked like a salon.Getting essential products for upkeep will make a major difference. Leaving the salon without the right products can have a huge impact on how well you can recreate the style at home.

How Can I Recreate This Style at Home?

It’s great to leave the salon looking like a supermodel, but without the knowledge on how to do it at home on your own, you’ll truly never see the cut come to life. Ask your stylist how to blow-dry and style the hair the same way.

What If I Hate It?

“Accessories, accessories, and more accessories,” Cleveland emphasizes.

“Barrettes, headbands, hats, scarves are all great options for riding out a cut that’s just not working.And, of course, the ultimate line of defense against a bad haircut is extensions.”


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