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Timi Dakolo Shares Heartfelt Childhood Story of Being Raised by His Grandmother (WATCH)

Timi Dakolo Opens Up About His Parents' Youthful Beginnings and His Loving Grandmother
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Timi Dakolo recently opened up about his childhood on the Tea with Tay Podcast, sharing a heartfelt story of being raised by his grandmother.

He humorously recounted how his parents, who were young at the time, left him with his grandmother shortly after he was born, jokingly saying, “My parents, I don’t know why they were doing knacking at a very young age. They were very young so they didn’t know what they were doing.”

He continued, explaining that his parents were childhood sweethearts but separated after he was born, with his father returning to Ghana.

Growing up with his grandmother, Timi emphasized that he never lacked love or care, as his grandmother became his primary caregiver and provided everything he needed without spoiling him. He described his grandmother as attentive, loving, and disciplined, noting that she always knew when something was wrong and provided just the right amount of love and discipline.

Despite not having his parents around, Timi expressed that he did not feel like he missed out on anything, as his grandmother filled the role of both parents.

He also shared amusing anecdotes about his mother’s visits, recalling how she would discipline him for misbehaving, showing that even though his upbringing was unconventional, it was filled with love and care.

February 14, 2024

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