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Tiwa Savage Opens Up About Struggles with Eyesight, Reveals Need for Medicated Glasses

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Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage recently took to her Instagram story to share her difficulties with her eyesight, revealing that she now requires medicated glasses to help with her vision.

In her post on February 16, 2024, Tiwa candidly spoke about noticing her eyesight deteriorating over the past two to three years, leading to blurry vision at times.

“Guys, the last two or three years, I have been noticing that I will be squinting sometimes and when I read some stuff, it would be getting blurry,” she shared.

The situation worsened for Tiwa during her time in London, prompting her to seek help from an optician to assess the extent of her vision impairment.

“And in the last few months, I noticed it got really bad that sometimes I will have to screen grab a message and then go back into my camera and zoom. So when I was in London, I said let me go and see the optician,” she explained.

Tiwa humorously showcased her new pair of medicated glasses, joking about her struggles with short-sightedness. Despite the challenges, she maintained a positive outlook, saying, “But for now, your girl is back and you know I needed to make some luxury and got myself a cartel pair because ABG don’t play.”

Ending on a light-hearted note, Tiwa asked her followers, “Do I still look sexy?”

February 19, 2024

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