Venita Advises Against Marriage Before Turning 28 Years Old

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In an open discussion with fellow reality star Tacha on The Big Friday Show, Venita Akpofure, star of Big Brother Naija, gave some harsh advice against getting married too young.

Before getting married, Venita emphasized the value of savoring one’s youth and accumulating a variety of life experiences.

In particular, she advised ladies not to be married before the age of 28. Don’t get married young, o! Go not say to your sweetie, “I’m a high school student.” Here, we meet our death. Simply be youthful! Have fun with life. “Marry when you’re tired.”

The mother of two emphasized her stance, especially for her daughter, stating, “If my daughter approaches me, as long as she’s not, I swear to God, not up to 28, we can rock with it. Anything below 28, please no.”

The reality personality emphasized that people should fully explore who they are before tying the knot.

She agreed that although some people may mature at a younger age, it’s important to consider a variety of factors in life before deciding to get married. “Don’t get me wrong; mature individuals do exist, oh. However, in order to be certain that everything is well, you must try a variety of experiences and activities in life. I want to stay stuck here. You’re there because it’s a shackle, Venita clarified.

Venita shared her personal experience and offered insight into the difficulties of long-term commitment. She advised couples to think about having separate but connected rooms in order to preserve their independence and prevent possible arguments.

January 24, 2024

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