What Gift Would You Get For Your Favourite Music Lover ?

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Apparently it has been a good year for listening to music: attending conserts has been up, and there’s a ton more of concerts to attend, with artists putting up their great works.

The question is do you know what gift to get for our favourite music lover as an end of the year gift? These musical devices might give you a clue.

Bluetooth speakers and headphones, once a work-in-progress notion embraced only by the early adopter or the non-audiophile, have become both commonplace and uncommonly, astoundingly brilliant in their clarity, their ease, and their sheer oomph (oomph being our shorthand for powerful, visceral bass tones, long the bête noire of both compact systems and wireless operations). Speakers—from minimal, modular systems that are impeccably designed to grab-and-go options ready for sand, snow, and sleet—couldn’t be easier to set up or more mind-blowing in their performance, while headphones—whether for working out, blissing out, or for traveling—finally manage to both a) fit and b) deliver more, rather than less, of what you’re looking for.


Noise cancelling headphones for long flights are also excellent tech music devices that can be gifted to a music lover. They are less piece of personal tech than a gateway drug to empowerment.

Unlike most tech, they are super modular, beautiful in a way that can integrate with he rest of your room rather than simply standing out from it or hiding from it.
You caan buy a handful and spread them round the house. They are also basically plug and play, and the push out sound is likely more pristine and powerful.
Hay Sonos One limited-edition speaker, $229, sonos.com

If you’ve got that person who just doesn’t want to listen to music, but also wants to make it, there’s nothing as heart warming when and gladening when you gift them the iconic rock ‘n’ roll Gibson Les Paul.
you could spend tens of thousands on certain vintage models—or $8,000 on a gorgeous new Slash signature model—but you’d be doing just fine with this off-the-rack mahogany-bodied masterpiece.

Because jeans are rock ’n’ roll? You know the cover of the Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers record, designed by Andy Warhol, with the real zipper that you can unzip? Yeah—these jeans. The cover of the Ramones first record? These jeans. Debbie Harry’s favorite jeans? You get the picture.Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1967 505 jeans, $240, levi.com


By Femi Ajiyon

November 19, 2018

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