Your Best Dressed Days May Not be Monday!

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As the typical line of thought goes, on Mondays we’re supposed to “dress to impress,” so as to set the tone for a prosperous and go-getting  workweek. There is even a study that backs the saying up: Women have more executive polish on Monday, which slowly descends into casual wear by the time Friday rolls around. Which is all well and good for them, but on any given early-rising day early in the week, we tend to feel exhausted— and so does our  ensemble.

This brings me to these tips on How to get Dressed on Monday when in a crack of still being dazed at dawn

1.  Wanting to put  together a Casual and office-appropriate look when you have five minutes is  a lot of not so fun thing than when you have 30 minutes. To avoid stress,  create time on Sunday night to figure out  your look. doing this you may have made 80 percent decision on how you will look on Monday.  When Monday comes you have little or no problem getting dressed for the day activities.

2. Think of it as a way to get in the right shape for work. Sundays are always the best day to figure out how your Monday will look like. “Mondays are a drag, so wearing something you feel good about should be well decided. I plan for Monday’s the way I planned when it was school resumption days… well it has worked for me most times.

3. When in doubt, meditate on it if its the right dress pick for the start of the week. Outfit planning is a nice way to distract yourself from  early-Monday-morning exercises. After your morning exercises, you don’t need to start deciding what clothes to wear. You hit the shower, get dressed and off you got all bright and ready for the day.

Getting dressed for work doesn’t need to be stressful, use your Sunday evenings to decide on what to wear for the first working day of the week, and every other thing will go as planned…



By Femi Ajiyon

October 29, 2018

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