Your ultimate guide to making your own skincare, perfume and makeup

We love a monogrammed accessory, but when it comes to bespoke personalisation, it’s the beauty world that’s winning in innovation for 2019. “Clever tech means mass customisation is now regularly achievable, and there’s a trend for products and services that put you at the centre of things,” says Chris Sanderson, cofounder of trend-forecasting hub The Future Laboratory.

Arriving by late summer is Neutrogena MaskiD – a 3D-printed face mask tailored to your skin’s needs, based on data collected from a selfie. Later in the year, La Roche-Posay drops its stick-on My Skin Track pH patch, which tracks your pH levels and prescribes targeted products via an app on your phone. Or go straight to SkinCeuticals for your made-to-measure Custom Dose correction serum. We can’t have any of them yet *sobs*, but we’ve got you covered until then with these genius personalised hair, skin, fragrance and makeup buys.


Scent that’s not for sharing

On a scale of one to FFS, how annoying is it when half the people at a party are wearing the perfume you spent ages finding? If you’re enraged, enter the world of customisable fragrance. First, there’s ‘scent layering’, where a brand creates perfumes with just a few high-quality ingredients, allowing you to spray different fragrances on top of each other for a freshly mixed result, without any overpowering effects.

Have-it-all haircare

Does anyone actually even have a hair type any more? Because last time we checked we were frizzy, dehydrated, flat, greasy, highlighted and itchy-scalped all in one day. Same same?

Mix your own makeup

Unique, just-for-you, custom-blend cosmetics are hitting our sweet spot, which is why we’re lining up for Code8’s bespoke Colour ID Lab Lipsticks, £55. Head to its travelling pop-up store (in Burlington Arcade in London until April) with a swatch of fabric, a discontinued shade or a screenshot of your fave lip look, and in 45 minutes your unique lipstick will be box-fresh finished. Want the same tailor-made hit from your concealer? Praise be to Cosmetics A La Cartefor allowing us to create a bespoke shade of its Secret Light Serum Concealer – get the same formula with anti-fatigue botanicals and optical blurring diffusers blended in its London store to perfectly match your skin, for £58.

Build-your-own eyeshadow palettes are also finally a reality.


DIY derm

We’re all about self-discovery; now it’s time to do the same for your skin. “With so many beauty shoppers unsure about the products that work best for them, the brands that offer a deep degree of personalisation are paramount,” says Chris. That’s why the smartest ones are stepping up their skincare game with products that put you inside the bottle. Biomedical skincare range Allél uses your DNA to determine the right ingredients to treat your complexion. During the in-clinic evaluation, a mouth swab is taken and your genetic markers are analysed in various categories, from hydration and pigmentation to collagen levels. From that data, you’re prescribed a 360-degree regimen including skincare and oral supplements (from £570, including products, at select clinics).

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