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Black men are usually more likely to have ingrown hairs because of the tightly coiled nature of their hair. If you shave regularly, you may experience ingrown hairs as you begin to grow your beard. Make sure you shave with a sharp, clean razor in the direction your hair grows. It is also important not to neglect the skin under your beard.

Exfoliate regularly and maintain the moisturized skin and beard. Combining your beard helps to distribute natural hair and skin oils evenly. You can also use a moisturizer or beard oil to combat drought.

Not all beard products are equal, so try looking for specifically designed products for the unique requirements of curly hair. Keeping your beard properly will help it look and feel its best.

1/15 Beard & Coils

2/15  Full Beard & High Top Fade

3/15  Beard & Locs

4/15  Beard & Waves

5/15  Sculpted Beard

6/15  Simple Short Beard

7/15  Long Textured Beard

8/15  Grey Beard & Bald Head

9/15  Full Beard, Short Haircut

10/15  Precise Cut Beard

11/15  Grey & Black Beard

12/15  Fade-In Beard

13/15  Full Beard with Side Fade


14/15  Dark Hair, Grey Beard

15/15  Salt & Pepper Beard With Bald Head

By Usidamen Daniel


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