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15+ Yarn Dread Styles

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What are Yarn dreads? They are twists made from threads. It has a low maintenance nature and lasts for a long time. What makes this hairstyle beautiful is its versatility. Choose one color for the twists this week, wash it, and choose another color for your twists next week.

In terms of colors and styles, you have the option of choosing a single color or rainbow of shades.And when talking about forms, you can choose to go for a short hairstyle from a mohawk to a Bob, to a medium – length twist or even a waist – skimming braid. You can add some beads, if you like.



Three Tone Yarn Dreads


Red Yarn Dreads


Yarn Dreads with a Shaved Side


Mohawk Yarn Dreads


High Behive Bun


Purple Yarn Dreads 


Silver Yarn Dreads


Yarn Dreads with Curls


Blonde Yarn Dreads


Long Mohawk


Yarn Dreads with Cornrows


Blue Yarn Dreads


Medium Length Yarn Dreads


Blue and Pink Yarn Dreads


Pink Yarn Dreads


Yarn Dread with Hair Jewelry


Colorful Yarn Dreads

By Usidamen Daniel

February 26, 2019

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