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When we see a glowing skin, we admire it from afar, but are you willing to do the right thing into maintaining your own skin so that you are admired?

  1. The care of your skin requires lots of drinking water. Drinking lots of water means keeping your skin hydrated to help keep its natural glow. So ensure that every day you have at least eight glasses of water to maintain your hydration and to detoxify your body.
  2. Bath times can be fun at times. if you’ve got a tub, fill it up with warm water and add 3 tea bags inside. Take two of the tea bags and put it over your closed eyes while you are soaking in the bath, so that you relax and reduce any puffiness around your eye area.
  3. To achieve a better outcome, it’s necessary to start skin regimen, which involves; cleansing your face, moisturizing it, and exfoliating. For this regimen you can choose either natural or organic products.
  4. Some people like to shave their hair, it is important that you wax or make sure you pour warm water on your body before you start shaving with the lather in the soup. This is so that you can avoid any type of bumps caused by ingrown hairs.
  5. You should not neglect the skin under your hair that is your scalp, so take time to shampoo. Condition and deep condition with natural or other good products regularly.
  6. After every bath, you should slather on a thick amount of nourishing lotion that rejuvenates the skin. Also, you can opt for essential oils or organic products.


These are just a few ways you can take proper care of your skin. Do you have anymore to add? Let’s know in the comment section below.


By Usidamen Daniel


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