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Whether your Dark Lips are due to habits or laziness (from lack of care). You can rejuvenate them with the use of Lemon and/or Sugar.


Method One: Lemon Juice Only

Squeeze the lemon juice and put it on your lips after you have massaged it with a soft brush. Leave on your lips over night. Continue until the desired effect is reached.

Method Two: Sugar, Honey and Olive Oil

Mix sugar with a little honey and a little potion of olive oil (don’t let it overwhelm the rest of the ingredients). Mix the ingredients properly, apply them in circular motion on clean lips and scrub them gently.

Method Three: Sugar & Shea Butter

Mix sugar and shea butter together to make a paste. Dampen your lips and gently scrub in a circular motion. Use this mixture as much as possible.


By Usidamen Daniel


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