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Come join us for a super fun time in celebration of ABILITIES BEYOND DISABILITIES authored by Sandra Odige. The book launch is one of the interesting sub-events in this year’s Green October Event 2022.
Let’s take a sneak peek into what the book is about.
“Abilities Beyond Disabilities” is a practical guide book that reflects on the experiences of persons living with disabilities. It provides well-nourished insights and guided recommendations on how PLWDs can lead better lives and reach the peak of their potential without limitations.
In her Spirit of advocacy and humanitarian strides, Sandra Odige took a nudge forward  to stay at the vanguard of awareness for the rights and privileges of PLWDs. This time around, it’s in a more unique dimension. Just as the saying goes: “A pen is mightier than a sword”, Odige has wielded the power of pen and insightful thoughts to create this masterpiece.
Why should you get a copy for yourself?
This book is the best of it’s kind as it projects the experiences, needs, and rights of PLWDs. We seem not to talk enough about the challenges this set of people face on a daily basis. We are also quick to exclude their plights from discussions in human society. So, this book is doing the justice of addressing these social dysfunctions and putting the interests of PLWDs back to social spotlight.
Sandra Odige is a connoisseur in this field.
 As a philanthropist and social worker with solid 8 years experience, Odige decided to pour her wealth of experience into this great masterpiece of book. No doubt, you’ll have a lot to scoop from this book.
Also, as an individual reading this book, you’ll gain the correct perspective of how to see, relate, treat and empower PLWDs. This book will serve as a propeller for you to help raise awareness for PLWDs.
Lots More To Expect.
Join us 1st of October 2022 (Green October Event) as we celebrate the launch of ABILITIES BEYOND DISABILITIES by Sandra Odige. Get your ticket and don’t miss it for anything in the world.
Also, you can start placing your pre-orders  for this book. It’s a must-have for you and your loved ones.

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