CEO and publisher of the prestigious La Mode Magazine, Sandra Odige celebrates her 36th birthday today.

Since the launch of La Mode Magazine, Sandra Odige has gone on to build the Magazine to be one of the most respected Fashion Magazine in Africa and arguable the biggest Fashion Magazine in Nigeria, earning her an undisputed reputation as an icon and a major influence in the fashion industry across the continent.

Over the years Sandra has gone on to build her brand and reputation beyond just the Fashion Magazine industry, as she has used her brand, influence and reputation to promote and give a platform to young and upcoming entrepreneurs in the Fashion industry, as she recently successfully premiered and concluded Africa’s first Fashion and Modeling reality TV competition, which sort to and successfully empowered and promoted aspiring Models and emerging Fashion designers in the country, after which she organised an online competition for the La Mode Kid of The Year competition, to shine the spotlight on the next generation of Africa’s fashion stars. She also created and successfully powered the inaugural edition of the Face of La Mode beauty competition, an online competition that shines the focus on pure African beauty and beauty industry.

She has expanded her brand to also give back to her community by launching the La Mode Disability Foundation, which seeks to constantly help people living with disabilities, by looking for ways to seamlessly include them into the society.

To further push her drive to help people living with disabilities, Sandra created and convenes one of the biggest Independence Day event in Nigeria, the Green October Event which is set to hold its sixth edition in a few months’ time. The Green October Event is one of the most reputable and iconic fashion events in the country that promotes African fashion and fashion designers, with all the proceeds going to the La Mode Disability Foundation, which she uses to train people living with disabilities in skills and services that they can use to be further relevant in the society.

Asides from her brand, Sandra Odige, has been and still is a personal coach to entrepreneurs across the country, as she organises business and public relations masterclasses to entrepreneurs, whilst single-handedly managing and building several other entrepreneurs through her Lamodepreneur community.

At 36 Sandra Odige has truly become an icon, not only in the fashion industry but also as a business coach, what she has achieved in such a short time, most people take a lifetime to achieve, and seems like this is just the beginning for her, we really cannot wait to see what’s next for a true Icon.

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