BACK TO WORK: Five Ways to Get Ready For Monday Morning

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Weekends are like sacred gifts from God to the working population. They give you a chance to relax, chill and catch up on some very important personal and family time.

Mondays, however, seem like unpleasant days that should not even exist. Most people start getting sad and cranky by Sunday evening because work resumes in few hours. This can leave some people unprepared for work on Monday.

Here are some tips to help avoid that overwhelming feeling that Mondays come with:

  • Prioritize

Rank your plans by priority and avoid pushing back some workload till after the weekend. On Fridays you try going through the workload for the next week and rank things according to their importance or urgency.

  • Plan your Meals

Aside from traffic, clothes and work, another little issue could be deciding what you will eat for dinner or lunch during the week. Give meals a thought during the weekend and buy the necessary groceries. You can also prepare the meals that can be stored ahead over the weekend.

  • Prepare your Outfits

Picking out clothes for the week can be quite tricky. Some people successfully follow their outfits planned accordingly while some change their minds most of the time. To be safe, it is advisable to pick out an excess amount of clothes that you are most likely to wear and iron them out. This will save time in the mornings.

  • Relax on Sunday Night

Watch a movie, read a book, take a long bath or just do anything you find relaxing. Try not to do anything too tasking that will leave you drained. Relaxation will help put you back in the work mode.

  • Go to Bed Early

Early to bed, early to rise. This cannot be overemphasized as going to bed early will increase your chances of getting to work on time.


-Ademola-Law Aadeola Faith

June 25, 2018

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