Celine Dion’s older sister, Claudette, has shared heartbreaking details about the iconic singer’s ongoing battle with Stiff Person Syndrome. Diagnosed with the extremely rare neurological disorder last December, Celine Dion, known for hits like “My Heart Will Go On,” has faced challenges as the disorder progressively affects her muscles.

Claudette revealed that Celine is working hard despite having limited control over her muscles. The disorder, which causes the body to attack its nerve cells, has disrupted the disciplined and hardworking lifestyle the singer is known for. Forced to cancel her Courage world tour due to the diagnosis, Celine Dion’s sister hinted at a potential comeback, emphasizing that returning to the stage is a shared dream.

Stiff Person Syndrome, a rare and incurable disorder, impacts mobility and often leads to painful muscle spasms. Diagnosed in individuals aged 30 to 50, it remains a condition with limited research due to its rarity. Claudette expressed the challenges posed by the disorder, explaining that it affects not only muscles but also vocal cords and the heart.

While Celine Dion has received an outpouring of well-wishes through the family charity, Fondation Maman Dion, her sister emphasized the difficulty of the situation. Despite the struggles, the family remains hopeful, and Claudette hinted at Celine’s desire to return to the stage, leaving the details uncertain.

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