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Nose piercing originated from India but that is not the point. The point is, as at that time and till now, it stood and it still stands as a mark of beauty.

However, there is a misconception surrounding nose piercing as a sign of irresponsibility especially in Nigeria where ladies with nose piercings are tagged as prostitutes. It is believed that only bad girls pierce their nose but the truth about nose piercing is, it has been and it is one of those things that compliment one’s beauty.

No doubt, pain accompanies nose piercing, but with utmost care, the pain is gone and need not forget that good things do not come easy.

It is important to note that nose piercings require professionals and not quacks that would leave you with nose infection.
Piercing your nose isn’t a sign of  irresponsibility neither does it mean you are prostitute. Disregard any misconception whatsoever- you can pierce either the left side or right side of your nose and use a nose ring of your choice.


Photo credit: Wallpaper Flare.

January 29, 2022

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