Since the inception of his music career, Burna Boy’s has always had a weird, funny approach to life, fashion and music.. His style of music from WomBolombo, to Tonight, Like to party… He has kept that  crazy lifestyle  and music and I will say it has payed him to a great extent.

Now Looking at his approach to fashion, can we say his approach to fashion his crazy?

Burna Boy has always come up with weird dressings both  inside and outside the music world. Would you wear a baggy pant trousers on Vans of the Wall sneakers and fitted sweat shirts? that’s a question you would ask yourself. Well Burna Boy is one dude that would dress in this manner.

Lets take a look at his dressing in the visuals to Heaven’s Gate.

We see Burna Boy in  black sweat pant and  sweat shirt with a oversized hoodie and a black and white checked Vans of the Wall sneakers. This style looks cool, Yeah! but its crazy at the same time. It has a gangster  feel, and this is another form of lifestyle Burna boy has exhibited.

In the same visuals to Heaven’s Gate,  Burna Boy can be seen putting on oversized cuodroy trousers  and fitted striped sweat shirts  on boots. Weird right? looks like a punk way of dressing. if we look at history of punk fashion, there’s a lot of craziness with the punk style.

Burna Boy didn’t just show his fashion craze in Heaven’s Gate but also in almost every aspect of his life.. Lets take a look at some pictures showing his approach to fashion, this can be a determinant in deciding if Burna Boy’s approach to fashion is off the hook.



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