The success of any personal encounter begins the second someone lays eyes on you … often long before either of you speaks, this is however usually referred to as a “First Impression”.  A first impression is regarded as what a person thinks about you the moment they lay their eyes on you. What you were however will be one of the first and most visible indicators of a first impression. First impressions however positive or negative usually forms the basis on how your will be treated by people… Like the popular saying goes “the way you are dressed tells how you will be addressed” 

What you wear reveals four things about you

Your love for self is made tangible to the world through what you wear. When you wear ill-fitting, soiled, torn, tattered clothing, it reveals a very poor sense of self-worth. What people see on the outside lets them know you feel about yourself on the inside. Image is the tip of the iceberg, yet it adds immeasurably to helping people understand what’s going on inside you.

How you wear it and what you choose to wear show others how much you respect yourself. Few people come even close to naturally having a “perfect” shape or size. Those who respect themselves know how to dress to emphasis strengths and minimise body flaws. Self-respect plays a big part in knowing/wearing the acceptable thing socially and professionally.


What you wear will always affect the way you carry yourself (your carriage) and the way you carry yourself speaks of how confident your are. You can wear an ill fitted, torn, soiled shirt or skimpy short revealing dress and expect to feel confident about yourself rather, the feeling of been inferior sets in .

(4)Soundness of judgment
Knowing and wearing the right outfit for the right occasion is an important indicator of whether you can make the right decisions at given times,

Finally, what you wear and how you decide to wear it, will always paint a big picture in the minds of the people, however what pictures will be painted is up to you to decide.



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