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Coping With Heartbreak – Yemi Okwechime

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Of course time heals all wounds but sometimes we really can’t keep waiting for time, instead we should take “the bull by the horn”! Heartbreak or what I like to call “The unwanted visitor”, has become rather more rampant than necessary, especially in this computer age where we young people sometimes seem not know exactly what it takes to keep a relationship, rather, we break up at every little misunderstanding.

Heartbreak, either as a result of divorce or break-up, leaves one party or even both very devastated. Some of the characteristics associated with heartbreaks include:
1) Shock and Denial
2) Realization and Pain
3) Anger, Blame & Frustration
4) Depression, loneliness and a sense of hopelessness
5) Low self-esteem

Trying to cope with heartbreak is very difficult and painful, but necessary, especially if you intend to move on. The following steps will help reduce the pain and increase recovery:
1) Cry if you have to but only for a while and then wipe you tears. That way, you can let go of most, if not all, of your anger and pain.
2) Getting over a heartbreak all starts and ends with the individual’s decision to do so. You must accept that the relationship is over and move on with your life.
3) Get rid of all items and personal belongings of your ex, by doing this, you are constantly not reminded about him/her.
4) Spend more time with your friends and family, they would help you out of your situation.
5) Go out and meet new people, belonging to “The Open Market” is quite fun.
6) Always understand that the relationship ended because you deserve better. You both need other people not each other.
7) Exercising is the greatest healer. Try a couple of routines, workout, meditation, yoga and the likes.
8) Always be busy, productively so, it helps.
9) Do things you enjoy. Try new ones too.
10) You wouldn’t believe what music can do to your soul, listen to music more often and let it be your saviour in this difficult time.
11) Everything happens for a reason so take the lessons learnt from the past relationship, let go of the heartbreak and move on, but be sure you are ready before going into another.

Adapted from “Cope with a heartbreak-wikiHow” 


November 26, 2014

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