Epara is the Luxury Skin Care Line Designed for Black Women

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London based Nigerian born skin  care guru Ozohu Adoh, founder of luxury skin care brand Epara says ““You want to see yourself represented and recognized, and not in a tokenist matter”It’s nice to know the person who is formulating your products has something in common with you and your skin color.”
The London based, Nigerian born skin care guru has created a range of beauty products that targets unique skin issues black women face on a daily basis.
Ozohu admitted she struggled with unidentified rashes for years. While she was completing her degree in accounting at Oxford University, she received a series of misdiagnoses, and tried a number of ineffective products as a result.

She finally found that she had been living with follicular eczema, and began researching the uses and benefits of African botanicals..
She says “People began telling me how good my skin looked and asked me what I’d been using,”

After several meetings with chemists and researches, Epara was finally defined. Her line launched in 2017 in the iconic British store Harrod’s.

February 4, 2019

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