La Mode AfriWoman Forum and Dinner

La Mode: Can we meet you?

Bassey: I am Bassey Ekpenyong Aka BlackBassey. I am a Nigerian Youth driven by a passion to succeed and determination to create an impact in my society either by my art or craft. I am a ‘positivist’ (if there’s a word like that) and I believe that life only serves us what we create. ‎

La Mode: Tell us about your background?
Bassey: I was born into a polygamous home And by that reason have a lot of half brothers and sisters but as we know family is family And we ‎cannot sulk over what we cannot/could not control so we work with life’s given And make the best of it all. Schooled in Saint Anne’s Nursery And Primary school Lagos, NYSC Model Secondary School Calabar, Government Secondart School Anantigha Calabar And then the prestigious Univesity Of Calabar where I studied Theatre And Media with a major in media And acting. I graduated with a degree; second class upper division.

La Mode: Tell us about the Bassey Brand
Bassey: Bassey as a brand represents the season of possibility. Bassey is an Actor, A Tv presenter, and An Event MC. These are all industry specific branches that Bassey thrives in. Bassey represents strength, endurance, peseverance, strategy, And Bravery; features that have over the years attracted people /companies of interest ‎to the brand. Above all, Bassey is that boy from Your neighbourhood so yeah…You can call him Your ‘Area Boy’

La Mode:
Would you say you are making good use of the opportunities given to you by the just concluded Big Brother Naija Game
Bassey: Yes I am. But You see opportunities are ever continuous And it takes strong will And discernment to identify them And jump on them. I have identified a few And have taken them by the horn. Moreso; I am surrounded by a calibre of people‎ who are ‘hungry’ too so we work all day finding And creating opportunities. By God’s grace we hit gold.

La Mode: Any new projects?
Bassey: yeah. I just concluded a movie project with ace actors Ini Edo And Seun Akindele in play as produced by the amazing Emem Isong for Iroko Tv (watch out for that one lol) And almost at the same time hosted the Peakmilk Blue Carpet at one of the biggest comedy event in Africa- AY LIVE 2017. Now in View I will be hosting the black carpet to Africa’s Greatest Retail Conference And have more than a couple of weddings to host while we yet strive to land a good TV gig as a Presenter. In all, The Land Looks Green

La Mode: What are your challenges being a top star in Nigeria?‎
Bassey: Sincerely I don’t see myself in that light…at least not yet. Being a star in Nigeria would imply that You have given Your life to Your course And have entered satisfactorily into every home, minds And mindsets of Nigerians And have been accepted as one who is deserving. So to that end, I still have a lot of work to do, a lot lot lot more work to do before I am tagged a star. Until then, I am just known.

La Mode: Who motivates you?
Bassey: My family motivates me greatly. The stories And reality we share is enough motivation for me to succeed cos we always strive to be better than our parents.

La Mode: Which international and local fashion magazine is your favorite?
Bassey: I love La’mode. I literally legit grew up hearing about the brand And now that I am even featured in it, “I DON BLOW” lol‎

La Mode: Where do you see your brand in 5 years?
Bassey: In 5 years I see Bassey on the lips And TV screens of every Nigerian‎. Not as a filler but as the main content either in Acting, Presenting or hosting an event. I hope to become a household name And by then I shall have earned the tittle ‘a star’

La Mode:
Which quote is your favorite?
Bassey: Success is not a bastard. Her relatives are hardwork, determination And positivity. ‎


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