A new year has begun and its normal to start the year dropping some old things and trying out some new things.. not just habits and dieting, but also fashion..
We present to you some tips that will be helpful in building your fashion status in 2019.

Build a collection of accessories
Having more than enough clothes is not just it, it is important to have the right accessories too. The right accessories can make make a good look, so you need to be shopping for more necklaces, earrings,bags,belts, hats,and shoes.

Experiment With Already Owned Clothes
Most of us are super lazy- most times we wear the same jeans twice in a row especially on a corporate look day. Falling back on the same outfits every week is just sheer laziness
You should be able to play around with clothes in your wardrobe, try new things, clothes from your closet that rarely see the light, don;t get stuck on the same regular outfits you wear everyday.

Buy things that will fit your style mood board
if you a lover of fashion and you love shopping, don’t get confused on what clothes or accessories to buy. Don’t buy stuffs because they are trending, buy wears because you feel and you know that you need them.
Most of the times, items purchased because they are beautiful or because they are loved end up in the closet, they end up not seeing the light. So to be satisfied fashion wise in 2019, buy and wear clothes or accessories you need.

Dress in your most comfortable way (Let the freak flag fly)
Play it safe. Do not dress like the world is ended. Reduce the rings, the chains, if possible the make up. Dress to be comfortable, but still look good.



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