These Louis Vuitton Viral Braids Are Blowing Up On Instagram

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27 year old rapper and graphic designer Magnus Juliano, is upping the game in seismic fashion.
The Columbus, Ohio rapper is utilizing cutting edge technology to make himself a brand worshipping canvas, Juliano took to instagram to share his next level ode to Louis Vuitton. His bos braids stacked with a rainbow of beads and topped off jumbo size charns featuring the French fashion house famous monogram.
“Hey @VirgilAbloh, can I earn an internship? I have ideas!” he joked, addressing Vuitton’s men’s artistic director alongside a series of portraits of himself with the striking Technicolor hair baubles, the handiwork of a 3-D printer.
The idea for Juliano’s Internet-breaking homage to Vuitton first came to him in June of last year. But given the extreme technicality, it took six months—and lots of trial and error—to bring the concept to fruition. “I failed in production a few times, so I had to keep restarting again and again,” he explains. “It was discouraging and I almost walked away from it, but [fortunately] I regrouped.”

January 5, 2019

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