Hailey Bieber’s Picture-Perfect 2023: A Glimpse into the Model’s Top 10 Moments

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As the New Year approached, Hailey Bieber’s skincare brand, Rhode, treated fans to a delightful carousel post showcasing the model’s “top 10” photos of 2023. Dressed in a chic black turtleneck leotard and pink ballet shoes, Hailey radiated elegance in her “favorite campaign” moment, setting the tone for the visual journey through her memorable year.


The carousel unveiled snapshots of Hailey’s diverse experiences, featuring a red knitted hat and strawberry glaze makeup in the “favorite glam” slide. Demonstrating a “glazing milk + liquid highlighter” technique in a strapless cutout pink dress, she labeled it her “Favorite Rhode trick” in a captivating video.

Rhode’s post highlighted Hailey’s beauty routine, showcasing her “favorite lip combo” and the application of a pink gloss with the caption “Liner + lip tint in shade toast.” The model’s love for surfing emerged as she lounged on a surfing board, earning the titles of both “favorite trip” and “favorite look.”

The carousel continued with Hailey’s flair for nails, crowning her mix-and-match nail set as the “favorite nails title.” Not only did wellness take center stage with the acknowledgment of Epsom salt baths as the “favorite wellness tip,” but Hailey also treated followers to a delectable “favorite recipe” – cinnamon rolls.

The post concluded with a black-and-white teaser, featuring Hailey’s arm adorned with small tubes, hinting at exciting plans for 2024. Hailey shared several of these 2023 moments on her Instagram story, offering glimpses of her stylish outfits, travel adventures, and delightful snacks.

In a heartwarming reflection, Hailey’s Instagram story’s memory lane included her husband Justin Bieber, along with their beloved dogs Piggy Lou and Oscar. “Such a special and amazing year,” she wrote, expressing readiness for the adventures that 2024 holds.

January 2, 2024

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