The Reality Star Opens Up About Complications, Surgeries, and Embracing Change

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In a New Year’s message, Blac Chyna, the 35-year-old model and influencer, revealed the challenges she faced after undergoing a breast reduction in the past year. Dressed in a black bra and compression wrap, she shared her journey in a black-and-white video, addressing her decision to go under the knife again.

Expressing her desire for a more natural look, Chyna decided to reduce the size of her breasts, feeling they were too large for her frame. However, complications arose after the initial reduction, with one breast becoming encapsulated, a painful condition caused by muscle contraction around the implant.


Undeterred, Chyna underwent a second surgery just before Christmas, opting for a further reduction to 190cc. She explained the necessity of maintaining some form of implant to avoid having her breasts turn into mush. Despite the challenges and the financial cost of such procedures, she expressed relief and happiness at finally feeling good about her decision.

In her New Year’s message, Chyna shared her excitement about being a part of the “Itty Bitty Tittie Committee” and reflected on the lessons of 2023. Acknowledging the support of her fans throughout her journey, she hinted at a positive outlook for 2024.

In a follow-up post, Chyna showcased a new health goal for the year, sharing her excitement about purchasing her first pair of running shoes.

January 2, 2024

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