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If you have been looking for a fun way to eat your fruits without getting bored, then this fruit salad recipe is definitely for you. You can try this anytime of the day with just these five easy steps.

 1. Get your basket of fruits.

You can get watermelons, pineapples, pawpaw, kiwi, strawberries, blueberries or any fruit of your choice. It’s up to your taste.

2. Wash your fruits

Get  clean water and gently wash your fruits. You never can tell what has happened to them. Hygiene is a priority here

3. Cut into smaller pieces.

The beauty of the fruit salad can be in it’s mesmerizing shapes. Cut into smaller pieces to achieve your desired look

4.  Get a bowl and mix your pieces together

After carefully cutting your fruits, you should arrange it all in a bowl and mix together, so they are well distributed. Now, you are almost there

5.  Add honey or any flavour of your choice

This is just to give your fruit salad a unique and thicker taste. You can use other flavour e.g. vanilla, lime, all depending on your preference

 6. Put in a fridge for a few minutes

Allow your fruit salad to cool for about 4-10 minutes. This gives it a refreshing and lovely taste. Then you can take it out, and it’s ready for consumption

Now it’s time to go ahead and make yours with this unique recipe. Enjoy.

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