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Having your ring size readily available could turn out to be more useful than first imagined. It may be a useful way to drop hints ahead of birthdays, Christmas or perhaps if you are eagerly waiting for your special someone to pop the question…

In this relatively new era of shopping almost everything online, it could also come in handy…if you’re regularly swapping your pieces up in a bid to keep on trend with the latest jewellery trends.

But how to find out your ring size without trekking to a ring store to do this.  Raphaele Canot shares with us methods to measure your ring size from the comfort of your own couch.

“For measuring your ring size at home, do it the French way, which measures in millimetres.”

“Cut a thin strip of white paper, about 60mm long, and curl it over your finger. Mark the point where the 2 ends of the stripe meet and cut to size. Measure the total length and look for international convertion size charts online.”

It is worth noting that in the UK the ring size measurement chart uses letters which correspond to particular millimeters.

The chart ranges from the smallest, A, to the largest, Z, but most women tend to vary between a size K to size N. However, this chart varies internationally.

Another useful tip would be to measure your ring size when your hands are slightly warm as this is when they are at their largest.

Demanding a proposal never looked so simple! Using this DIY engagement ring measuring guide your partner will have no more sorry excuses to fall back on…


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