Meet Laila Rahman Makeup Artist With Creativity!

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La Mode: Can we meet you?
Laila Rahman: My name is Laila Rahman, CEO of Leylarh Cadne.

La Mode: Tell us about your make up background?

Laila Rahman: My mom was a marykay rep in Nigeria back in 2004/05, i used to help her take inventories from the huge boxes of marykay products and sort out makeup products to be delivered. I dint like the job… but i loved how my mom made me feel about the business and the products.

La Mode: Tell us about your brand name and how it all started? 

Laila Rahman : I have been into makeup since 2009, i didn’t really have a brand name until 2013. My brandname ‘Leylarh Cadne” came to me while i was in church and had been searching for a proper brand name to build myself in this business.


La Mode: How did your career in makeup begin?

Laila Rahman: It all started one strike period, was bored and my friend was having classes and i just dropped in and then i started doing alot of research and also that my mom influenced it and the rest is history.
La Mode: As a makeup artist, which celebrity have you worked with?

Laila Rahman: Dija of Mavin Records, Eva, Liz Yemoja, Munachi Abii, Sisi Yemmie, TheSohosister, the chinwe ike crooner, to name a few and i have been featured on Magazine, style and makeup blogs and websites.

La Mode: What are some common beauty mistakes women make?

Laila Rahman: Painting on eyebrows.


La Mode: Tell us about your awards.

Laila Rahman: Unfortunately i don’t have any awards yet, but the beautiful nice and encouraging comment from close friends, family and people i don’t know but know my work are awards for me now… can’t wait till i create a shelf for the awards though.


La Mode: What is your most challenging experience as a makeup artist?

Laila Rahman: Not going Lie… staying creative.

La Mode: Who is your role model and why?

Laila Rahman: My mother. She was a beautiful, creative, business woman that shared the artististic part of her with me amongst other things.

La Mode: Who inspired your career?

Laila Rahman: My mom, a lot of beautiful inspiring pictures that have been created by artists and i could also draw.


La Mode: Do you see yourself someday creating your own line of makeup? 

Laila Rahman: Yes i do see myself doing that…but thats after i have studied the chemistry in makeup.

La Mode: What are some of your favorite products in your makeup kit?

Laila Rahman: My brushes, Beauty blender, Lipsticks (I am a lipstick junkie lol), Liner mascara and lashes.


La Mode: What cosmetic do you think should be in every woman’s purse?

Laila Rahman: Foundation, lipsticks, Black Liner and Mascara

La Mode: What message do you have for aspiring makeup artist?
Laila Rahman: Love what u do, stay focused, always research, read, Pray and trust God.


Contact details:- 

Phone – 07069735385

Instagram- @LeylarhCadne

Twitter- LeylarhCadne/Lilmissfly


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