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Miss Universe Nigeria, Mitchel Ihezue, Stuns in National Costume Tribute to Iconic Queens

Power and Influence of Nigerian Women Showcased at Preliminary Gala
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Miss Universe Nigeria, Mitchel Ihezue, dazzled at the preliminary gala of the Miss Universe pageant, held at the “José Adolfo Pineda” National Gymnasium in El Salvador. The event featured contestants confidently parading in swimsuits, elegant gala dresses, and national costumes.

Mitchel’s national costume paid tribute to iconic Nigerian queens, including Queen Moremi, Queen Idia, and Amina, Queen of Zazzau. The ensemble, adorned with symbols representing the queens, symbolized the strength and impact of Nigerian women throughout history. The costume aimed to convey the message that women are powerful forces for good, defying societal labels and leaving indelible marks.

National Costume

  • Queen Moremi: The staff in the costume represents Queen Moremi, a heroic Yoruba queen from the Ife kingdom. She sacrificed herself for the liberation of her people.
  • Queen Idia: The costume features a Queen Idia mask, honoring the queen and great warrior who played a pivotal role in the victory of the Benin kingdom.
  • Amina, Queen of Zazzau: Represented by a headpiece and cape, Queen Amina was a conqueror and warrior whose prowess expanded the northwestern region of Nigeria, establishing trade routes through Northern Africa.

The spears incorporated into the costume symbolize the queens’ leadership and strength. Mitchel’s national costume sends a powerful message challenging societal labels, emphasizing that women are stronger and can be significant forces for good.

November 17, 2023

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