Rita Ora took center stage at the 2023 Fashion Awards held at the Royal Albert Hall in London, showcasing her avant-garde style in a sleek black dress with a striking low open back. However, what truly stole the spotlight was Ora’s latest prosthetic creation—a dazzling chrome spine covering her back, adding an element of futuristic glamour to her ensemble.

For the occasion, Ora opted for comparably simple glam, featuring neutral makeup and a messy updo. Her chrome nails, silver earrings, and metallic bangles perfectly complemented the boldness of her look. In an Instagram video, the singer provided a glimpse into her unique getting-ready process, revealing the intricate details of the silver chrome spine and sharing the estimated two to three hours it took to put on.

Rita Ora poses at the 2023 British Fashion Awards in London.

This isn’t Ora’s first venture into prosthetic creativity at the Fashion Awards. Last year, she made waves with facial prosthetics that transformed her into an ethereal being with gills, accompanied by a sheer dress over a red bra and underwear. This year, the songstress chose a different approach, emphasizing simplicity in her dress to allow the silver chrome spine to take center stage.

Notably, the black gown Ora wore marked a historic moment as the first Primark dress ever to grace the British Fashion Awards red carpet. Collaborating with Primark, Ora plans to sell 500 replicas of the dress, and the proceeds will be donated to Breast Cancer Now, adding a philanthropic touch to her fashion statement.

Ora attended the awards ceremony with her husband, Taika Waititi, celebrating their first anniversary in August. The singer-songwriter expressed her love for Waititi, sharing a sweet birthday tribute on Instagram, showcasing the couple’s affectionate and fun-loving dynamic. As Ora continues to push the boundaries of fashion, her daring and creative choices make her a standout presence on the red carpet and in the world of entertainment.

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