In a jaw-dropping revelation at the Critics Choice Association’s Celebration of Cinema & Television, Jamie Foxx spilled the beans about a recent health scare that left him questioning life’s fragility. The 55-year-old sensation, accepting the prestigious Vanguard Award, got candid about the ordeal that had him struggling to even walk just six months ago. Eyes welled up with emotion, Foxx shared, “I’ve been through something. It’s crazy, I couldn’t do that six months ago. I couldn’t actually walk too.”

But Foxx, known for his quick wit, didn’t just stop at a somber reflection; he added a touch of humor, debunking the rumors that circulated during his health hiatus. “I know a lot of people who were saying I was cloned out there. Boy, y’all ain’t s—,” he quipped, dismissing the speculations with a trademark Foxx flair. The actor, addressing the resilience of the Black community during tough times, shared, “Black people, when we almost die or go through something like that, there’s two phrases, one of two phrases we say, ‘Lord, have mercy, Jesus. Lord, have mercy, Jesus.'”

In a poignant moment, Foxx acknowledged the unwavering support of his family and celebrity pals, including Lenny Kravitz, Fantasia, and Taraji P Henson. The star-studded event turned into a heartwarming affair as Foxx expressed his gratitude for every precious minute, concluding with a humble nod to his unexpected journey. As he gripped the Vanguard Award, Foxx confessed, “Six months ago I couldn’t fathom that this could happen or that I would be here, but as I walk up here to this microphone, all I can say is ‘Lord, have mercy, Jesus.'”

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