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Nigerian singer-songwriter, Tems, is unapologetically vocal about her faith and the role of prayer in her success. In a recent interview on Cool FM, she emphasized that prayer is a crucial part of her daily routine, especially during travels. When asked about handling overstimulation, her unwavering answer was prayer.

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Tems acknowledged the diversity of belief systems but stressed the significance of her relationship with God in her personal and professional journey. She expressed gratitude for her achievements, making it clear that she didn’t reach this point alone and that her success has been orchestrated by a higher power.

For Tems, God is not just a concept but a real presence in her life. She passionately shared that she wants people to know she didn’t achieve success by herself and that her faith has been a guiding force. In the face of potential backlash, Tems stands firm in her beliefs and declares her reliance on God throughout her journey.

This bold declaration of faith comes after Tems clapped back at critics in 2022 who questioned her commitment to a “Godly life.” She asserted that she is not anyone’s Christian savior and didn’t come to conform to others’ beliefs about God.

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