Some of us are lovers of suit, but how to go all suited up for the street may be a problem. How to go stylish on suit for the street- what kind of suit to wear, what colour, what kind of trouser to wear them on- So many challenges involved in suit styling for street activities.

Worry no more as we have some little hint to suit up for the street.

Wildcard neons shouldn’t be ignored

Pops of neon are the swiftest way to relieve a sturdy black suit of its corporate status. Try fluoro pink or highlighter orange for the freshest take.

Go Oversize

Oversized suiting still has currency; elevate the grunge overtones via delicate chain-link jewellery and a Polly Pocket-sized top-handle bag.



Play with your colours and prints

Autumn’s catwalks dictate big cat prints, worn head-to-toe. Not your bag? Just take a flash – you’ll find it energises a grey suit

The corduroy Never disappoints

The corduroy is always perfect for a street suit style. If you have never  considered pink, purple or red cord, now is the time.


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