The Medical Effect of Music-Faith Ademola-Law’

According to Oxford Dictionary, music means the instrumental or vocal sounds or both combined in such a way to produce beauty of form, harmony and expression. Music is art, pleasure, entertainment and medicine for the body and soul and it has various responses to it across different peoples and cultures.

Music improves memory, attention, physical coordination (through dance since dance can be regarded as the general and obvious response to music) and mental development.

Music also has therapeutic properties. It is believed to have healing effects on heart surgery patients because of its ability to relieve stress and anxiety that can be associated with treatments for heart diseases. Calm and slow music can be of help with the regulation of one’s heart rate and blood pressure.

Music is also said to have harmful and also beneficial effects on people, plants and animals. According to some studies, music learning can encourage the development of stronger vocabularies and a better handle on nonverbal reasoning.

Some are generally tuned to their work performance being enhanced by music and listening to music generally makes you smarter. All that is left is for one to be aware of the type of music or the genre of music that one finds soothing and relaxing.

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