Timaya recently opened up about his struggles with drug addiction during an interview on The Beat 99.9FM. In a candid conversation, the artist revealed the toll that substance abuse took on his physical and mental health.

Timaya admitted to experimenting with drugs beyond marijuana, particularly highlighting his encounter with a substance known as Molly during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. He recounted attending a gathering where he noticed everyone’s unusually elevated mood and discovered that they were using Molly. Intrigued by the intense happiness it seemed to provide, Timaya tried it himself, only to find himself captivated by its effects.

However, the initial euphoria soon gave way to negative consequences. Timaya acknowledged that his reliance on substances led to significant weight loss and a decline in his overall well-being. Despite initially resisting, he eventually came to recognize the harmful impact of his addiction, particularly as he received concerned messages from fans noticing changes in his behavior and physique.

“It makes you unsure of yourself. It’s an illusion, you know? It’s not the real you,” Timaya explained, reflecting on the detrimental effects of his drug use. He revealed that he was consuming approximately three pills daily, leading to severe consequences in his personal and professional life.

The consequences of his addiction extended beyond his health, resulting in financial losses, terminated contracts, and strained relationships with business associates. Timaya expressed gratitude to his fans for their support and intervention, ultimately leading him on a path to recovery.

By sharing his story, Timaya hopes to raise awareness about the dangers of drug addiction and encourage others who may be struggling to seek help.

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