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Tyla’s “Water” Remix: A Chart-Topping Triumph or a Streaming Scam?

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Tyla, the Grammy-winning artist, has set tongues wagging with the remix of her hit song “Water,” featuring Travis Scott. The music video for this remix has taken the internet by storm, racking up over 2 million views in just 3 days, leaving fans and critics alike questioning its meteoric rise.

The collaboration between the South African songstress and the renowned rapper has mesmerized audiences worldwide, with the video’s viewership numbers skyrocketing.

The release of the remix coincides with Tyla’s celebration of her highly anticipated self-titled album and her remarkable achievements over the past year. Since the explosive success of “Water,” Tyla has cemented her status as a global sensation and even snagged a coveted Grammy Award.

Following the overwhelming popularity of the original track, Tyla, also known as the PoPiano maestro, has delighted fans with a visual treat in the form of the remix with Travis Scott. Since its release on March 19, 2024, the music video has rapidly garnered over 2 million views on YouTube. Additionally, the song has been streamed over 39 million times on Spotify, solidifying its position as one of Tyla’s top-performing tracks on the platform.

“Water” now stands as Tyla’s third most-streamed song on Spotify, trailing behind “Truth or Dare” with 43.9 million streams and the original version of “Water,” which boasts over 492 million plays.

However, amidst Tyla’s remarkable success, some fans have raised eyebrows about the authenticity of her streaming numbers, suggesting that many of her streams may have been artificially inflated. Are Tyla’s achievements the result of genuine talent and fan support, or is there more than meets the eye behind her rise to fame?

March 23, 2024

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